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Rentals - Repairs - Restorations

New flutists generally begin with a flute rental. Celtic Rose Flute offers student model flutes for monthly and quarterly rental. Piccolos are also available for rent. No credit check is required. A small security deposit is due when selecting the instrument and is fully refundable if the instrument is returned in good condition at the end of the rental period. 2 month minimum rental.

Monthly Rental Fees include repairs for basic maintenance for the instrument. Minor adjustments are not uncommon and students are encouraged to seek repairs immediately when the need appears. Generally, repairs can be done within 48-72 hours - (small adjustments in less than a day!); however, loaner flutes are available for use if the repairs are expected to take longer so that flutists may continue to practice and perform on schedule.

Hourly Rate for repairs: $45/hr. (materials/supplies itemized separately).

Flute overhaul/restoration projects require a free estimate. Please contact us to schedule an estimate appointment.

Celtic Rose Flute completes a limited number of complete flute restorations throughout the year. Amanda schedules these detailed projects around studio instruction time, ensemble work, gardening, vintage vw repair, baking and exploring Portland thrift stores and coffee shops.

Celtic Rose Flute

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